Land Based Slot Machines: Still as Fun and Interactive as Ever

With the prevalence of Internet gaming in America today, it is no surprise that gambling in brick and mortar casinos has lost its appeal to a few people. However, land based slot machines do have their own charms and there can be several benefits to playing them in a real gaming establishment. For one thing, you simply can't beat the atmosphere. The excitement of the crowds of gamers hangs palpably in the air and the lights and sounds are enticing enough to make anyone want to sit down and stay a while.

If the noise and gaming selection leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed, you may want to take advantage of a few tips on how to choose the best land based slot machines. Start by choosing your coin size - you'll see signs above the rows of machines that will direct you. Next, choose which type you want to play. You can find 3 reel classics, which are the most common and accept 1 to 3 coins for a spin. The three reels of symbols must match up correctly to make a winning combination, with higher payouts building up the more coins the player inserts. Another choice is 5 reel, which offers many more ways to spin winning combinations and accepts 1 to 5 coins. Each coin activates a different pay line.

Other selections you may see include bonus, progressive and video options. The video titles, rather than having actual reels, have a computer display that simulates reels. The big draw here is that there are a lot of pay lines - not necessarily just in a row, but sometimes running diagonally or zig-zagging across the screen. However, remember that pay lines cost a coin to activate, so it can get expensive to play. Bonus slots give bonus spins for combining certain symbols in one pay line. You can rack up lots of spins for hitting these symbols. Progressive slots feature a jackpot that grows steadily each time you insert money. You may have to bet higher, but the reward will be greater if you win.

Land based slot machines are simple to use. They operate with buttons and a money insert that accepts $5, $10 and $15. After paying, select your coin size, which will determine how many credits you will have to use. For example, if you insert $10 and select a 10 cent coin size, you will get 100 credits. The most common button you will see is "bet one". Pressing this button will spend a credit to activate a pay line, and people can press it to open as many as they want. A "Bet 5" button will work the same way. Finally, individuals may also be able to hit "Bet Max" to play all their coins.

After placing your desired bet, hit the "Spin" button to get the reels in motion. That's it - you are ready to start winning some jackpots. Bonus tips: be aware of the functions of the "help" and "pay table" buttons. Pushing "Help" will show you the rules and allow you to summon an attendant if needed. Hit "Pay Table" to see what winning combinations are possible and what their payouts are. You should always check this out before getting started. You just may find that this interactive experience is not only fun and exciting, but profitable as well.