Play Pokie Slot Machines of All Types for Hours of Fun

Gamblers of all skill levels like to play pokies slot machines from time to time, and this is evident in the statistics gathered from casinos. More than 70% of all casinos' revenue comes from slots, so this is a great indicator of their popularity. is an online resource for finding all of the different types of slots that are available and learning more about them.

Classic Pokies

Classic slot machines typically feature only three reels and between one and three paylines, making them the simplest of all of the games available online. Players who favor these often do so because they are so easy to play; wins are always evident across one or more of the paylines. They are available in a wide range of bets, as well. Some of these slots cost $0.25 per spin; others cost as much as $10 or more per spin. While classic slots in real casinos often have old-fashioned levers to pull, the online variations are digital renditions that are designed to look and sound like their real-life counterparts.

Video Pokie Machines

Video pokie machines are the digital variant of the popular pastime, and most people who play online enjoy this type of game. There may be anywhere from five to nine reels on a video slot, and thousands of paylines across all of these reels is not uncommon. They provide a wider range of betting options since players can often choose the coin size, the number of paylines on which they want to wager and the number of coins to bet per payline. Similarly, these games are packed with lifelike animations and sounds, plenty of side games and the opportunity to win some huge progressive jackpots. Microgaming features the biggest progressive jackpot network in the world and creates super interactive games. Royal Vegas is one of the flagship Microgaming casinos which features all the top progressives and come highly recommended.

Interactive Games

In recent years, casino software developers have taken slots to the next level by mixing standard video slot play with role playing. In these games, a storyline progresses as a player continues to place bets. Characters are introduced one by one and the story is never the same twice; it progresses according to the decisions players make and the amount of money they can win while they play. These slots are only offered by a couple of developers, however, so they are a bit more difficult to find than traditional games.

Bonus Codes and More

Players who want to play free pokies will be happy to know that there are plenty of ways to do so. However, there are a couple of good Canadian online slots sites on the web that have really comprehensive information including software reviews, free games with jackpot info and tips on how to win, etc. If you're looking to find these kinds of interactive pokies, these are going to be the sites will have them. Most online casinos offer free as well as paid versions of their software, so free online pokies are widely available. Although there are no cash prizes to be won, players can still enjoy all of the awesome graphics and animations. When these games are associated with a credits system, players can even vie for a place at the top of the leaderboards in order to keep the competition alive.

Aren't you tired of the rising prices of gas, the heavy traffic, rude strangers and high membership fees at gambling places? That reason is good enough for you to play slots at internet casinos instead. There is a big difference in the experience, but it is a positive one. It is hassle-free because you don't have to spend for going out and devote travel time. You just have to logon using your tablet or computer and start choosing from the wide array of games being offered. This is completely secure as your personal information will be stored on the site using the latest encryption technology. You will be able to play all you want without any worries. Also, who wouldn't want to try out those internet slot machines with all the bonuses being offered by the top sites who are reputable and proven reliable, to boot? There are even a lot of them who give no deposit bonuses, which means you can try out a game or two even with zero funds on your account. In other words, you can make a free bet and still have a chance of winning real money. This is definitely better than your traditional gambling place.

There are literally thousands of different games available across the internet and our site will help players find the best pokies to fit their preferences.


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  • Flash Play : YES
  • Live Dealer Games : NO


Name Welcome Bonus Software USA
Jackpot City Casino 100% Max $1600 Microgaming flag
Lucky Hippo 400% Max $3000 RealTime Gaming flag
High Country Casino 400% Max $3000 RealTime Gaming flag
Gaming Club 100% Max $800 Microgaming flag
All Slots 100% Max $1500 Microgaming flag
Casino Spintropolis 200% Max $1000 Betsoft flag
Casino Spin 100% Max $1000 Microgaming flag
Nordic 200% Max $1000 Betsoft flag
Casino Space Fortuna 150% Max $2000 iSoftbet flag
Nitro 100% Max $100 NetEnt flag