Most Popular Penny Pokie Machines in Vegas

Penny slot games have become increasingly popular, due mostly to the potential for large jackpots with relatively little risk. These are multi-lined slot machines that give the player the option to bet on each line. Currently, most casinos let players bet between $0.10 and $0.20 per line, which maxes out at between $5 and $10. These games are very popular with low stakes players, or casual casino visitors who don't want to spend a lot of money or put a lot of thought into a game.

It's important to read all the rules and instructions when it comes to any slot machines and penny slots are no exception. There may be restrictions on the jackpots, or the machine may be linked into a progressive jackpot system. The latter, while it may offer higher jackpots, tends to offer a lower chance of winning big. Many penny slots require players to make the maximum bet in order to qualify for any bonuses.

The best practice with games like the Penny Pokie machines, is for players to bet on all the lines that are available to them in order to maximize any potential payout. It would be a shame to see a jackpot win show up on a line that wasn't bet upon. While betting on all the available lines doesn't always increase the player's payout, it does increase the value of any bonus rounds, which can help even things out in the long run.

As with any casino game, it is always important for the player to pay close attention to their bankroll. Because bets on these low stakes games don't seem like much, it is easy for players to go overboard and spend way more than they were intending. A good rule of thumb is for players to increase their bets as they are winning, and decrease them as they are losing. For anyone who is prone to overspending, leaving credit and debit cards at home can also be a good idea.

The biggest penny slots win in the history of the game was over 18 million dollars. The player, a 66 year old man, didn't even normally the game, as he normally preferred video poker. On that fateful day though, he change his life. He had put $100 in the machine, and won his jackpot when he had only bet $44 of that money. While this is just one instance, it shows the potential for great gain from very little input.