Things to Know about Progressive Slots Games

Among slots players, there may be no bigger thrill than learning about progressive slots and watching the prizes climb higher and higher as the night goes on. This type of rewards system is usually made up of multiple networked machines, or other networked casino games, and the pot is made up of a portion of the money wagered on all the machines in that network. Depending on the popularity of the network, this can make for some staggeringly large prizes. While people may never hit the "big one", many play progressive games for the sheer joy and excitement of it.

Despite the generally networked nature of these exciting and fun-filled machines, there are actually stand alone machines that offer such jackpots, too. These tend to be smaller than the prizes offered by their networked counterparts, because the prizes are based only on a ratio of the money wagered in a single machine. Many casinos keep in-house networks as well, limiting the pots to what is wagered in their casino alone.

Wide area progressive games are able to offer some of the biggest prizes in the industry. These are created by networking multiple casinos. In many cases these casinos are unrelated, their only common factor being these huge pots. As with most casino titles, because the pots are so high in these wide area progressives, the possibility of hitting the top is fairly low. There have been a few multimillion dollar payouts over the years though.

Another great thing about progressive slots is that even nickel and penny slots can be linked to massive prizes. While these aren't going to offer multimillion dollar pay outs, there are still some decent prizes to be won. Players who spend their time on these low stakes machines aren't playing for the jackpots, but for the joy and the excitement. Most of them know that the chances of winning the life-changing jackpots are very low, but they still enjoy the possibility.

In addition to networked titles in land based casinos, players worldwide can enjoy the thrill and excitement of these progressive games through hundreds of online casinos. Because the number of online players is significantly higher than the number of casino visitors, the prizes can become exponentially larger. Imagine what the pot would look like with 5000 people playing a networked penny slot, as opposed to 500. The results could be astronomical, and there is always that one lucky player who might win it all.