Real Time Gaming Slots

RealTime Gaming is one of the most well-known and reputable online casino software providers in the world. It offers an enormous variety of games as well as a large network of progressive jackpot games and video poker. Currently, casinos that are powered by his particular platform are able to offer their users up to 150 unique titles. Among the most popular are the RTG online pokies, otherwise known as slots. Because of the versatility of the internet, these individual online adventures are restricted only by the limits of the programmer's imagination.

With more than a decade in the online gambling business, RTG has easily established itself as one of the best. Because of its stability and high reputation, the programming suite is able to offer dozens of traditional and video slots titles, each with their own unique play style and pay table. Most of them offer some form of bonus and unique additions such as multipliers, bonus rounds and free spins. Some of the games tend to be a little dated though, as the basic architecture used for their creation was released some years ago and hasn't really changed much since its initial release.

RTG is able to offer a few progressive jackpot slots games, but they are not nearly as popular or as varied as those offered by a number of competing programs. The two most popular, Jackpot PiƱatas and Aztec's Millions, have prize pools that rise slowly and are rarely won. The platform does offer individual casino owners the ability to create their own individual jackpot pools without linking them with the rest of networked casinos, meaning that not all sites that use this software will offer the same style of jackpots.

One of the major negatives of this particular software program is a distinct lack of oversight. While the games themselves are constantly audited to ensure fairness, there is no one watching out over the code itself. A number of rogue sites have been reported to be hosting their casinos using RTG online pokies, and the creators of the software have done little to nothing about it. These allows rogue users, clip joints and rip off artists to create sites that look like legitimate establishments, when in reality all these sites want to do is steal a player's money and information.

Overall, this platform offers some of the best titles on the net, but players must be very careful when choosing a casino that uses this software. There are a large number of entirely reputable sites that run off this suite, but the bad guys look just as inviting as the good ones in this case. RTG online pokies are the most popular options that this program offers. The most popular are as always the Real series that offers 5 reels and 25 pay lines, which exponentially increases the potential for winning. These offer some of the best slots graphics currently available on the internet.