Learn More About the History of Pokie Machines

Even people who do not frequent casinos can easily recognize a slots game, but even those who play on a regular basis do not know the rich and varied history of pokie machines. The first of these was invented in 1895 by a mechanic named Charles Fey. The name slots machine is actually a descriptor for any mechanical device that is designed to accept coins. Gamblers would place their bets by inserting a nickel and pulling the arm on the side of the console. As time went on, the bets slowly increased to a dime, then a quarter.

The first one that was ever made available to the public, known as The Liberty Bell, consisted of three reels, each with four symbols: a diamond, a spade, a heart, and a cracked Liberty Bell. The jackpot was won by landing on three Liberty Bells, and consisted of a stunning 50 cents. The original Liberty Bell offering is actually still on display at a casino of the same name in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fey continued to invent new versions of the game until 1909, when they were outlawed in California. Players weren't able to enjoy them again until the 1930s.

Pokies didn't become extremely popular again until an infamous mobster known as Bugsy Siegel filled his casino with them. Once that happened, the game exploded and spread out into casinos throughout the country. Despite its massive popularity, its basic remained the same for the next 30 years or so, but this is an integral part of the history of pokie machines. The mid 1960s brought the introduction of the electronic slots, which enabled casinos to offer larger jackpots and made cheating impossible.

In 1975, the Fortune Coin Company developed the first video version of this exciting offering. Many gamblers did not trust it at first, simply because they were used to being able to see the spinning reels in physical consoles. It didn't gain much popularity until the 1980s. With the introduction and popularity of the internet and the home computer came the invention of the online versions which are still popular today. Players are able to enjoy an enormous variety of branded and themed games that are limited only by the imagination of the programmers. Unlike traditional offerings, which are limited by the floor space in the casino, websites can host hundreds or thousands of different titles in one easy to navigate website. The history of pokie machines is quite extensive, but it's helpful to know exactly how the technologies people enjoy today came to be.