Learn How to Employ an Online Pokie Strategy

Slots may seem like a game of chance, but there are a number of strategies that a gambler can employ while enjoying it. While this online pokie strategy may not ensure a win every time the reels are spun, they can help anyone to become a slots machine pro in no time. The most important strategy point to consider is proper bankroll management. Players should never take more money into a casino than they can afford or are willing to lose, and this applies to the online versions as well. He or she should decide before ever clicking the spin button how much money to wager with, and not to exceed that amount.

While it may be tempting to just jump in and start spinning, users should be sure to read the pay table before placing any bets. In most online casinos, there will be a button on the screen labeled Pay Table that will bring up this information. Gamblers need to pay attention to the cost to payout ratio. Many games that offer the same potential jackpot may have different betting requirements. Pay attention to the jackpot, the cost per spin, and the number of accepted credits per spin.

There are so many different types of slots machines that it is easy for new users to get confused when it comes to online pokie strategy. Players have to choose between reel, video, multi-line, and progressive jackpots. Each of these offers a slightly different style of play, as well as a variety of prizes, multipliers, bonuses and mini games, depending on the title that is being enjoyed. Progressive jackpots offer the highest potential prizes due to the fact that the pot is created by taking a small amount from each wager placed on a number of networked machines.

A tricky strategy to apply requires knowing the payout percentage of the game. Every slots machine, whether it is online or land based, is programmed with something known as a Random Number Generator. This basically tells the computer how much money it should pay out in relation to how many wagers have been placed. While it can be good information to know, it is virtually impossible to figure out when an offering is going to hit the jackpot simply because of the inherent randomness of the system.

The hardest online pokie strategy for most people is learning when to walk away. Players need to learn not to keep pouring money into a game that isn't paying out. Many believe the myth that a machine that is on a losing streak is getting ready for a big win, but there is no truth at all to this. Instead of wasting all that money on something that may never happen, gamblers need to switch titles as soon as machine has established itself as being in a losing streak. There is nothing worse than someone wasting all of his or her hard earned money on something that may or may not ever pay out.